Distance Education Decision by the University Senate

In accordance with the decisions made and announced by Council of Higher Education on 19/03/2020, the academic process being interrupted due to the extra-ordinary situation caused by COVID-19 virus, a worldwide experienced and announced as pandemic by the World Health Organization, is aimed to continue safely as much as possible. Therefore, the decisions made by the Commission regarding the issue and the items to be applied at the 2019-2020 Academic Year- Spring Semester are listed below:
  1. The theoretical parts of the courses at Associate, Bachelor and Postgraduate Degrees, which have been interrupted since 16 March 2020, will be held via asynchronously distance education from 23 March 2020. The synchronously distance education demands of teaching staff will be negotiated regarding the technological infrastructure of our University and decided further.
  2. The practice phases and laboratory works being not able to be held via asynchronously distance education are planned to be held via as much intensively face to face education as at the last weeks of the Spring Semester, unless an otherwise situation occurs.
  3. The courses will be held through Course Management System (CMS), which is our official learning management system. Currently, all the courses open on Student Portal have been opened on CMS, students and teaching staff have also been appointed to the relevant courses.
  4. The teaching staff will upload the notes, presentations, videos, assignments and additional resources of the course they are responsible, on the system for the relevant week on CMS. Course videos of each week will be added to the system after being taken primarily from our official virtual classroom and defined for the relevant week. During this process, the teaching staff can get support from Centre for Distance Education.
  5. The material being prepared will be enhanced according to universal design principles with current resources through the needs of disabled students.
  6. In order to provide various teaching resources, course materials belonging to other Universities and shared can be used as additional materials.
  7. Workplace trainings and internships are planned to be held, if possible, via face to face education at the last weeks of Spring Semester.
  8. All midterms, being planned to be held after 16 March 2020, but not be made due to the interruption of education, have been postponed to a further date. The dates and ways how the midterms will be held will be announced at a further date.
  9. The students and teaching staff will be informed regularly about the distance education process.
  10. In order to provide the run of the process in coordination and to coordinate with Centre for Distance Education, a Commission will be gathered under the presidency of a Vice Dean/Director appointed by The Dean/Director, including one teaching staff from each Department/Program/Major Discipline and the Secretary of Graduate School/Faculty/Vocational School. Moreover, at least one administrative staff at each unit whom the students can contact constantly will be appointed.
  11. Regarding the reality that the students will not enter the campus during the period of mandatory break at the University, the students can get the documents they need though e-government system, and for the ones which cannot be taken from the system, they can contact the related academic unit they are registered via e-mail-phone. The diplomas belonging to the graduates of our University who proves that they are appointed or whose job application is accepted will be submitted by the Head of Student Affairs Office. 

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