2021 International Student Exam

Exam Date:18 May 2021 Tuesday
Application Period: 07-21 April 2021 (Applicants can apply till 17.00 local time in Turkey)

Country, the exam to be held City        Time
(TR time zone)
Exam Fee
Turkey Mugla 11:00 300 TL
Azerbaijan* Baku 11:00 80 $


*International Student Exam being planned in Azerbaijan will only be held if international flights and the conditions for the exam in the country are availbale.

(In case of force majeure and/or the fact that the number of applicants for an exam center is under 30, that exam center is cancelled.)

Except the exam cancellation due to act of god by the University, no exam fee refund is made with any reason.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the case of force majeure that University has to cancel the exam, the payments with credit card abroad will be refunded with no deduction in 6 months. However, the payments with bank transfers abroad will be refunded with 10 $ + 0.5 % deduction as costs of the correspondent bank. It is advised that the candidates make their applications regarding this issue.

Place of the exam will be notified on Exam Entrance Document on May 07, 2021 with your password on the system. For those willing to attend the exam in Turkey, coming from abroad, and needing visa, the exam entrance cards will be arranged before the given date in the case that applicants inform the International Student Office after applying for the exam.

International Students Exam is composed of Basic Learning Skills Test with 40 General Ability questions, 30 Mathematics and 10 Geometry questions. 1 correct answer is deducted from your final score for every 4 wrong answers.The duration of the exam is 90 minutes.

Please click for exam content and samples.

Application Criteria

Application Fee Payment

Via Credit Card
In order to pay the exam fee:
*During the payment procedure, for "E-mail Address" part in contact details, all candidates are to use the same e-mail address they have used for exam application. For the "Explanation Note" part, they are to write their full names (the ones having two names have to write both of them).

Please click to pay the fee via credit card.
Via Bank Transfer
After paying the exam application fee (with their names and surnames) to the bank accounts given below, applicants will make online application. 
(Regarding the deductions in exam payments due to transfer costs charged by the banks, applicants who make the exam payments abroad (outside Turkey) are expected to add the international transfer cost charged by the coresspondent bank in Turkey, i.e. 30$ / 30€, as well as any cost to be charged by the banks used abroad. The applications from those who does not make the full payment will not be accepted.)

Name of the Bank: Vakıflar Bank
Branch: Muğla
IBAN (TL): TR24 0001 5001 5800 7307 0553 91
IBAN (USD): TR93 0001 5001 5804 8016 8666 82


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